Frequently asked Questions

Hello, Our Awesome Family Members!

Welcome To The Family Of Glamoura!

Glamoura started its amazing journey way back in 2008 with just Rs.2000  in Jaipur,Rajasthan.
We could take it to millions because of appreciation from our valued customers for the
quality and pricing of our products. Our product quality can be understood by
the trust our customers have had on our products since all these years.

Our brand Glamoura could be taken to different parts of the world because of the trust our customers have always bestowed on us.

In Glamoura, we basically deal in Fashion Jewelry and Ladies Clothing.

Our Glamoura Fashion Jewelry enhances the beauty of the lady adorning it and makes her look elegant.

Our Glamoura Ladies Clothing has Winter Jackets that make your winters super-hot after you adorn them as it is made of amazing surgical cotton which keeps you hot in chilling winters.

Our Glamoura Ladies Scarves and Palazzos are all year round wear and you look beautiful after wearing them.

Our team consists of highly experienced designers who work tirelessly to bring new designs to our cherished customers.

Our products are made with lots of love and our products have got a traditional touch in them.

Our motto is to give our customers the best in product design and quality.

Join in the awesome journey of Glamoura



Q.1 Is the jewelry sold on your website imitation/costume jewelry or real jewelry?

Ans. We sell all types of jewelry like Costume/Imitation, Semi-Precious, and Precious.

Q.2 Do you have any quality certifications?

Ans. No, it doesn’t require any certification as these are costume and fashion jewelry. Here on this website, also there is good-quality Semi-Precious and Precious jewelry without certification.

Q.3 As your jewelry contains gemstones, do you have GIA/ GII Certification?

Ans. Yes, there are gemstones in our jewelry listed here on this website, but without any certification. Other than semi-precious and precious Our jewelry has artificial stones and beads which doesn’t require any certification.

Q.1 Why I shop online through your Portal?

Ans. Because you will get the best and fine work with light weight jewelry as we are confident about our jewelry quality and the fine work done on it. We not ever compromise in quality in all our products. We are very choosy in selection of designs this differs us by other players.

Q.2 Of which metal do you usually sell the jewelry?

Ans. usually we sell Oxidized Ethnic and Kundan Meena jewelry which is of  Brass metal also we sell some designs of alloy metal, our all products are nickel and led free products which is safe for the sensitive skin, with no irritation and can’t harm the skin if prolonged used.

Q.3 How safe is it to shop through your portal?

Ans.  It’s purely safe as we integrated popular and safe payment gateways which have strict rules and regulations of storing the data, we are not storing or saving any kind of data relation to your bank details or any other banking details relation to payments.

Q.1 Are there any offers, if yes then how can I get them?

Ans. Yes, on the festive season or other occasions time to time our brand gives offers, You can find a tab named Current offers at the top right on the home page, there you can find the latest offers with coupon codes and with that coupon code in checkout, you can redeem the discount in respective catagories.

Q.2 How can I know that you started any offer in your portal?

Ans. If you signed in out newsletter Colum or you ever registered your email address with us with the mobile number, before starting the offers we will sent you the offer details on the mail and also send you the sms on your mobile.

Q.3 Can I get offers on discounted products showing on the portal?

Ans. Yes, if we move on with any offers on the portal on a specific period you can get that offer percentage with already discounted products showing on the portal. Means in offer times you will get double benefit one discounted price along with offer price.

Tax Liability

Q.1  Do I have any Govt. Tax Liability while buying any product?

Ans.1 All products sold here with Government applicable GST category-wise. You have to pay State and National GST  as tax which is auto calculated on your final price after applying any coupon if there is, as jewelry category has 3 % total GST and Clothing has 5% Total GST . This will be mentioned clearly while payment and in invoice.